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DJ Q-bert

DJ Qbert, a legend in the turntablism scene has been in the game since the age of 15.
He is one of the few of DMC championship winners to continue to tour. Some of his shows in the last couple of years have been played at electronic festivals or raves (such as Megabuzz). Places full of electronic music that may be the inspiring reason for him to include house, electro, and dubstep scratches into his sets.
Qbert is a genuine artist who is still appreciative of fans and gives out records at the end of shows.

DJ Qbert – Turntable-Drummer

DJ Qbert – Test_Runs_the_new_TRIP_MATS




Liquid Stranger – Rocket Fuel

Liquid Stranger – Ripple (Original Mix)

Liquid Stranger – Bully.mp3

Liquid Stranger – Shake My Ass

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